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Archery is a game related to stringed bow and arrows where the bow propels the arrow to proceed toward the target. This game is assumed as a perfect means of hunting and warfare. This practice was evolved during the past stone age of 20,000 BC. Archery is the choice of game for all civilizations in the past time and even in the modern era. This is the game that helps one to enhance their level of concentration. The requirement to master archery has unavoidably led to the practicing of this art that lead to the organizing of the tournaments. The first recorded event took place in Finsbury in England in 1583 which included 3000 participants. Howsoever, the development of guns and riffles caused the loss of archery appeal on the battlefield but is assumed as a pastime and competitive practice in various countries. Archery is recognized as an Olympic sport for men and women. This is the game that was introduced as female sports in the year 1908 and 1920 and later dropped out for few decades and got reintroduced in the year 1972 when it became a mainstay of the games.

Archery Score Sheet Printable

Rules of archery:

  • Archers need not be more emphasized the overuse of equipment or accessories which provides an unfair advantage over opponents.
  • The maximum time offered for shooting end-to-end three arrows in two-minute periods and six arrows are provided for shooting in four-minute.
  • The player need not raise the bow arm until the signal is provided and penalties are levied in the form of points in case the bow is drawn after the practice get closed.
  • Howsoever, an arrow cannot be re-shot under any situation. The arrow cannot be considered if the bow shot gets misfired or falls or the target gets blown or fall over. Then it provides extra time in provided circumstances. 
  • Arrow gets rebound or hangs from the required target gets scored based upon the mark it makes on the target rules. The arrow that hits in robin-hood style in the nock of another can score the same as an arrow that is embedded.
  • The Player gets disqualified and the point gets deducted or banned from the competition for breaching out several rules which are considered as the serve offense performed during the play.
  • In case the equipment gets damaged then the judge can appeal for the equipment to either get fixed or replaced or allowance based on the judge’s discretions.

Use of printable archery score sheet:

The archery score sheet helps in maintaining the score to make the game much easier. There are vast collections of printable available on this website that are quite handy and can be filled with the progress of the game. This printable is used as the reference regarding numbers or points obtained in each hand and even allows one to know who is going to lead in the game. This is the ideal option that makes sure that points are written down without stress and ensures there is no argument or dispute during the play. Have a look at the exclusive range of the sample archery score sheet. This printable is available in the computer and mobile-compatible format that can be download in a PDF format to comfort your requirement.

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